Pastors Favorite Study Sites

Below I have listed some of my favorite sites to visit for study growth, and encouragement.

  The Wesleyan Church:

Containing information on beliefs, missions, and other church Information.

Bible &  Study Resources

Bible Gateway :   A good Bible site, with most modern and other translations of the Bible.  Also some devotional study tools.

Theopedia  : Online collaboration Encyclopedia of Theology and Theological terms.

Bible Study Tools Online :  A site with many Bible Study resources, including interlinear Bibles to the original language.

Blue Letter Bible :  Several study sources and Bible Commentaries, Strong’s Concordance with an audio pronunciation, and many other study tools.

Christian Classics Ethereal Library  : This site contains hundreds of Classical Christian writings from Calvin, Luther, and Early Church Fathers.  A great history site for the writings of those who came before us in faith.

Church Health  & Encouragement Sites

McIntosh Church Growth Network  : Site to connect with the wisdom of Gary McIntosh, and read the McIntosh report.  He is one of the best and most down to earth church growth teachers I have found.

RHMA :  Rural Home Missions Association- A ministry group organized to plant and encourage pastors of rural and small-town North America.  :  A Blog with a variety of encouraging ideas for ministers.

Sermon Illustration and Ideas

Sermon  :  Good classic illustrations.

Sermon Central : A great site for illustrations and stories.  There are many available for free, or you may purchase more illustrations and sermon outlines by joining their membership.

Wing Clips :  A good source of video clips, many are available for free.

Sermon Spice  :  Video suppliments for use in worship and sermons.

Places Ministers & Spouses may find Encouragement  :  A Blog with a variety of encouraging ideas for ministers.  :  A site of encouragement for pastors, brought by Focus on the Family, and started by H.B. London.  An excellent place of support for pastors and spouses.

Help For Overwhelmed Pastors  :  A place for stressed pastors to turn to.

Some sites of personal encouragement

Asbury Seminary Chapel at Wilmore, KY  : A connection to listen to chapel services from Asbury Seminary’s chapel.